Approaching storm.

This view was painted from a photo my sister took, of a sunset in tenerife,--- I changed the weather of this one,----also did this view as a sunset, this I painted many years ago,---Thankyou for stopping by, and for any comments.--- SOLD.


Anonymous Guest

Maddison Jamison 24 May 2006

Love the silhouette effect in this one. You did a great job with the brightness, cloudes and reflections.

Steve Farr 21 Mar 2006

Great image, Jennifer!! I luv the horizon! The color and tone are awesome!!! Have an inspired day!! :-)

Elton Houck 12 Jan 2006

very nice work! The sea looks calm but sinister and menancing..just like it often is..Good work!

jamie winter 07 Dec 2005

Very good. I can feel as if I would be in dangers path.... Also, even though the ship is crewed, It gives me a sence of solitude. Great colour and compo. this is a very wonderful piece of art...

Artist Reply: Thankyou Jamie.

Ana Tirolese 17 Nov 2005


Artist Reply: Thankyou Ana

K L Marsala 05 Nov 2005

great job on the contrast. movement of water and reflection is very well done.

Kathi Perry 05 Nov 2005

This is a beautiful painting Jennifer. I am a total sucker for sunsets and sunrises.

Andree Lerat 04 Nov 2005

Beautiful painting. I like the stormy mood.

Maggi Carstairs 03 Nov 2005

Stunning image...wonderful work...So expressive and full of the foreboding storm coming...Thanks for my birthday wishes..XX

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 02 Nov 2005

Beautiful watercolor with a dramatic display of color tones and composition!

Ben DeBiase 02 Nov 2005

very awesome watercolor work!! very simplistic yet majestic-riding that balance! Great joB!

Vivian Allen 31 Oct 2005

Oh, so beautiful! The silhoette of the ship on the rolling waves and the golden hue of the sky is fantastic.

Reba McDonald 28 Oct 2005

Beautiful work Jennifer.

Christine brand 28 Oct 2005

Like a Master Turner! Intense earthen atmosphere!! Love the distant feel and moody hues. Have a wonderful day Jennifer and lovely weekend. Sincerely CB

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 26 Oct 2005

This is fabulous Jen. I love the handling and control of this watercolour. Really skilful and very dramatic. Brilliant!

aya charity alforque alfeche 25 Oct 2005

jeniffer>yeap, very nice theme, i like it, i love seing your work.

Charles Oliver 25 Oct 2005

Beautiful muted tones and depth. Great color choices. Nice watercolor work Jennifer.

Renata Cavanaugh 24 Oct 2005

Beautiful watercolor


Al Price 24 Oct 2005

This is beautiful jennifer. You've captured the choppiness of the waves perfectly.

Artist Reply: Thankyou Al.

William Boyer 23 Oct 2005

really great job.

Artist Reply: Thanks William.

Sara Deutsch 23 Oct 2005

Lovely light and texture of clouds and sea...

Artist Reply: thankyou Sara.

Les Jobes 23 Oct 2005

Wonderful theme.. the golden shades from the setting sun with the dark shadows of the approaching storm clouds and the tossing depths of the sea that is as black as ink and wanting to encompass everything! Very nice watercolour Jennifer.. great atmosphere :o)

Artist Reply: You say such beautiful words about peoples art, like poetry, thankyou.

Charlotte Ottilo 23 Oct 2005

Lovely Jennifer!

Artist Reply: Thankyou charlotte.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 23 Oct 2005

Very nice composition, Jennifer!


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 23 Oct 2005


Artist Reply: THANKS NELLY.

stephanie atlee 23 Oct 2005

wonderful and moody this.


Ralph Miller 22 Oct 2005

love it very dramatic image !


Jerie kunitsky 22 Oct 2005

Lovely work

Artist Reply: THANKS JERIE

Marilyn Servais 22 Oct 2005

the sky and sea are painted with a romantic feel ! beautiful Jennifer!

Artist Reply: Thanks Marylin

sher richardson 22 Oct 2005

diverse and varied artist indeed... great direction here Jenn.... the sky is glorious!

Artist Reply: Thankyou Sher.

Loreen Smith 22 Oct 2005

Beautiful. I love an incoming storm too.

Artist Reply: Thankyou Loreen

Diana Hume 22 Oct 2005

Great painting, Jennifer. Love the feel of the impending storm!

Artist Reply: Thankyou Diana

Billy Lewis 22 Oct 2005

well rendered.

Artist Reply: thankyou billy

Loredana 22 Oct 2005

Beautifully done Jen lovely seascape :)

Artist Reply: thankyou Loredana

Greg Joens 22 Oct 2005

this does look very stormy! What kind of ship is that? Something from the past?

Artist Reply: I don,t know what ship it is greg, this painting was done from a photo my sister had just about 14 yrs ago, never saw one at the gran canaria, just the pirate boats, looks like a sailing boat of some type to me

Jean M. Laffitau 22 Oct 2005

Great painting!

Artist Reply: thankyou jean

Andrew Diaz 22 Oct 2005

Jenn, wonderful use of watercolors, excellent concept.

Artist Reply: thankyou andrew

Virginia Gordon 21 Oct 2005

This is REALLY Nice! Jennifer, I Like it a Lot

Artist Reply: thankyou jen

thea walstra 21 Oct 2005

Well done Jennifer

Artist Reply: thankyou Thea

tim linville 21 Oct 2005

Excellent painting!A vastness well done!

Artist Reply: thankyou tim

Jan Christensen 21 Oct 2005

Sorry, that was me anonymous. Forgot to login!

Artist Reply: thankyou jan

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2005

Beautiful work! Lot's of power in that sea.

kim roose 21 Oct 2005

I love this!!

Artist Reply: thankyou kim

Emily Reed 21 Oct 2005

Pretty scene.


Nira Dabush 21 Oct 2005

BEAUTIFUL SCENARIO...Excellent work ,Jennifer

Artist Reply: THANKYOU NIRA.
Artist Reply: THANKYOU NIRA.

John Cunningham 21 Oct 2005

Nice work and colourway - like the glassy texture of the dark sea.


Casey Catton 21 Oct 2005

Great watercolor the palatte, tones and mood! Great work!

Artist Reply: THANKS CASEY

Peter Rivron 21 Oct 2005

Beautiful work.


Matthew Steffen 21 Oct 2005

Beautiful watercolor great work


Joke Schotting 21 Oct 2005

Great work,Jennifer!!

Artist Reply: THANKS JOKE

Analua 21 Oct 2005

Great and awsome work Jenny!!!!!!!!!