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Dreaming in a boat.


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Vernonette Gaddy 01 Mar 2015

An absolutely marvelous painting. :)

yves colas 05 Sep 2014

very romantic,nice work,superbly done,i feel the mood of this painting...bravo!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Yves!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 07 Feb 2014

One of my favorites

Artist Reply: Mine too.:) It's hanging on my wall. Thanks Sylvia!

Pamela Rivera 04 Dec 2013

stirs the imagination:)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

Maurizio Miele 18 Feb 2013

Great work !

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot!

John Cappello 01 Oct 2012

This is Pretty Impressive! Exceptional work !

Artist Reply: Thank you so much!!

Maria Karalyos 07 Nov 2011

Your works are all wonderful ! Congrats!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments, Maria!

Sigridur Bachmann 02 Jan 2011

What an extraordinary and beautiful painting with such great light and shade a Wowwwwww !

Artist Reply: Hi Sigga, I just enjoyed your fantastic Esja. I wish I could make paintings as beautiful as your photos!

Ginger Lovellette 11 May 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you, Ginger!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Oct 2009

Impressive composition. Precious water.An children all full of transparency and mystery. This yellows and chiaroscuro, is fabulous. Great Painting. José

Artist Reply: It's hanging in my hall mostly because of the colours. :) I'm glad you like them too, thanks José! :)

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 04 Apr 2009

Hi Anneke It is always pleasant to plunge the world of your impressions and images which you write with all the heart I wish all kind you

Artist Reply: Hi Ulughbek, nice to see you! Thank you for stopping by and the friendly words. Have a great weekend!

Robin Champagne 28 Mar 2009

I really like this one! The colors, the subject, the light. . . . What gave you the idea?

Artist Reply: The radiance in the water gave me the idea. And the child enjoying, reminded me of myself at that age. :) Thank you again for your thoughtful words, Robin!

karen Salley'Rice 26 Mar 2009

such wonderful classic work, this one is great!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your kind words, Karen!

janique suazo 05 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Many thanks, Janique!

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

this is my favorite one! hands down! your colors and perspective. how mesmerizing!

Artist Reply: The reference was a small b&w photo in the news paper, I liked the dreamy atmosphere so much. Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment!

Vivian Monfort 13 Nov 2008

Wonderful work, Anneke... love the composition and the shadows and lights on the child, well done!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments, Vivian!

Brigitte Hintner 07 Sep 2008

Lovely work dear Anneke's been a while I 've heard fom you ...hope you are well ! Liebe Grüße ,Brigitte:-)

Artist Reply: Hi Brigitte, good to see you! I hope you're okay too. Thanks for stopping by! I will have a look in your gallery. :)

Orian Ambient 27 Aug 2008

Love it, love it, love it... simple and... well... dreamy... :-)

Artist Reply: What a wonderful comment! Thank you very much, Orian!

J. P. 22 Aug 2008

Love the perspective...great textures and movement...very effective treatment on the surface of water. Jay DePalma Jay DePalma

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, Jay! They brighten my day! :)

manda bunjevac 20 Jul 2008

very nice!

Artist Reply: Manda, I'm glad you like it, thank you!

Joanna Jungjohann 26 Jun 2008

precious beyond words, Anneke. very beautifully finished, jo

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Joanna. I think a part in us will always remain like that little boy? :)

Nira Dabush 17 Mar 2008

What a BEAUTIFUL Delightful lighting in this artwork,Anneke....WONDERFUL PAINTING..!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful comment, Nira! :)

Rose Sciberras 23 Jan 2008

Oh I really love this!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for stopping by, Rose!

roxane jones 05 Dec 2007

WOW!!!! This is great work!!!Very talented...

Artist Reply: I'm honoured by your words, many thanks!

Vivianne Couture 15 Oct 2007

Very good artwork , i Love the shine effect and painting technique.

Artist Reply: Thanks Vivianne, it's done with acyrlics.

samuel wright 19 Aug 2007

This is one of the best works I have ever seen, really.

Phil Cashdollar 02 Apr 2007

great work of art you are so talented Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Phil.

Paul Roberts 04 Jan 2007

This one sent me away into my own dreams. Supurb movement of light on the water. Very well done.

Jerry 06 Feb 2006

Lovely motion, flow, colors and contrast in the water. The bright yellow certainly says hello. Your balance seems to be great and well happening. This is a very nice work of art.

Elton Houck 24 Dec 2005

This is a wonderful and delightful piece. The majest of the water is encased with the majesty and wonder of the child...a great reflection of innocence!

Karen Jennison 12 Sep 2005

This is great, Anneke! I love the colors, and the play of light on the water. Very nice.

Joke Schotting 11 Sep 2005

Great acrylic work, anneke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Joke!

Renata Cavanaugh 11 Sep 2005


Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Renata. I'm a big fan of your artwork!

sher richardson 10 Sep 2005

beautiful acrylic work anneke.... i love the composing : )

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Sher! I'm honoured by your visit.

Matthew George 10 Sep 2005

Awesome picture. The colors are so vibrant.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, thank you Matthew!

Nancy Costley 10 Sep 2005

Lovely decision making, the suject is excellent. The water is beautifully managed, oringinal!

Artist Reply: I could never make water like you can on your wonderful Flamingo Shade. Thank you very much for you kind comment, Nancy.

Diana Hume 10 Sep 2005

Oh yes, this is the good life! Sunshine smooth water. Love what you've done with the water!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot Diana, I really appreciate your opinion.

Andrew Diaz 10 Sep 2005

Wondeful colors and media.

Artist Reply: Thank you Andrew! :D

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Sep 2005

This is wonderful! Incredibly beautiful painting. I love the water and the sense that there's something just below the surface.

Artist Reply: Hey I never thought of that, but I agree with you that in the boy's imagination there will certainly be something below the surface. Thank you for that nice idea!

Analua 10 Sep 2005

Great colours in this paint! I love the ideia.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, I love your artwork too Analua.

Greg Vilton 10 Sep 2005

Love the angle you chose for this one! The child is beautifully painted and you did a great job on the water reflections. Lovely, Anneke!

Artist Reply: It was the first time I did water like that,so for me it was very daring to leave the safe path of reality. LOL I'm really glad you like it. Thanks Greg!

thea walstra 10 Sep 2005

Sweet and beautiful Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thanks for the visit and leaving these wonderful words, Thea!

Emily Reed 10 Sep 2005

Beautiful interpretation.

Artist Reply: I do appreciate your words very much, Emily. You have such beautiful entries on the subject yourself.

Steph Salt 10 Sep 2005

what pure clean light Anneke, and the kind of summer day that I love. There just sitting in a boat watching the water and everything in it.

Artist Reply: Hi Steph, great to see you here, thank you for coming. Yes I agree with you, to have no worries and just sitting there no knowledge of what time it is, that's the good life to me.

jennifer blenkinsopp 10 Sep 2005

This is fantastic Anneka, love the water,the lighting on the boy, the boat, the composition, on a whole you can say I love it.

Artist Reply: Wow, you make me blush Jennifer, Thanks a lot!

Cristina Marsi 10 Sep 2005

Beautiful work, love the light on the child's back and hair. The shape of the boat bow maybe needs some more working :)

Artist Reply: Thanks Cristina! Hahahaha I think the boat is a bit old! BUT you are right! :)

Barbara Beck-Azar 10 Sep 2005

awesome oil painting Anneke... i love the moving waters and the stillness of the child inthe boat... lovely colors...

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Barbara.