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Mme V (in her dog ear hair style), Ivan and Lil take a walk. Painted in oil on canvas panel. Image is not to be copied or misappropriated in any way. Image copyrighted. Copyright © V O ALLEN


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Fátima Stamato 01 Feb 2010

So different and funny.Great style!

Jerry 11 Dec 2006

Brilliant or most excellent picture! You captured their style perfectly!

Kukua Akumanyi 07 Nov 2005

Very cool I love the stride, snap, sanp, snap snap.....

lerat andree 18 Sep 2005

Wow... Your work is great Vivian. There must be something wrong with me for having paid a visit to your portfolio. Superb.

Charlotte Anne Thomson 08 Sep 2005

Wow this is gorgeous, absolutely love it, its so quirky I just adore your style! lovely use of colour, simple yet so effective and love that cat! :o) xCharlotte

Joke Schotting 07 Sep 2005

Fantastic work, Vivian!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Sep 2005

Fantastic work, Vivian-Modigliani-Theotocopuli... I adore your unique touch

Nira Dabush 04 Sep 2005

Beautiful work,Vivian...your style is very different and UNIQUE...GREAT CREATIVITY!!!

eileen martin 02 Sep 2005

this is great, love these guys:)

Jessica Hobdell 01 Sep 2005

love the cats

Emily Reed 31 Aug 2005

I just love your little cat and its humans. They are all darling.

joan warburton 30 Aug 2005

I love her new hairstyle, LOL! Beautiful Vivian! It's so nice to see your artwork again!

Nancy Costley 30 Aug 2005

Kitty is cool! They are so happy!

Blonde Blythe 30 Aug 2005

Like cool, man! ;-) Love that cat!

Les Jobes 30 Aug 2005

Everything is so lush green and beautiful as they look around them... The air is fresh and inviting, and they all seem to have a spring in their steps and maybe a song in their hearts as they stroll along! Wonderful, happy oil painting, with a cute title! :o)

Reba McDonald 30 Aug 2005

Another neat image.

Loredana 30 Aug 2005

Viv your amazing how you get so much life and movement in these figures awesome work :)

N. Michael Bryant 30 Aug 2005

Viv. really ingenious style you have. So loose and dreamy. What a great world you can paint!

Amanda Hone 30 Aug 2005

Brilliant! I absolutely love your style.

thea walstra 30 Aug 2005

Funny, charming and excellent work

Aris Stathakis 30 Aug 2005

This is fantastic!! great work Vivian!

Al Price 30 Aug 2005

great approach - love the dog/cat?

Analua 30 Aug 2005

Great work!

jennifer blenkinsopp 30 Aug 2005


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 30 Aug 2005

what a funny nice picture!!!!!