Black Beauty Cover

Unused cover for the Black Beauty graphic novel. The editors choose to go w/ a close-up shot instead. Pastel on board.


Anonymous Guest

Richard Beckstrand 06 Jun 2011

Sweet, pastels....totally awsome!

Andrew Hunter 02 Aug 2007

stunning work June

Jhatonna Turner 20 Jun 2006

Wow! That's beautiful in pastels! The grass is just awesome! It looks like grass. I haven't mastered that ye. ^^U And black beauty is as beautiful as ever. Great work!

Analua 24 Aug 2005

Beautiful. Nice elegance. Good work

Amanda Hone 23 Aug 2005

Superb work June. Very skillful.

Nancy Costley 23 Aug 2005

Has an illustrative look, great.

Diana Hume 23 Aug 2005

I loved Black Beauty when I was young! This is a wonderful painting that does the story justice!

Rina Gholson 23 Aug 2005

very beautiful, neatly drawn. i love the grasses.

carla Vigneau 23 Aug 2005

great job!