Battle for Life and Love

What other way can I describe this piece then: power, excitement, adrenaline. This is what I feel when I see nature locked in such a furious battle for their lives, love, and pride. Expect more dramatic art coming soon!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 May 2009

well all i have to say is, this picture has a lot of significance for me, i was wondering how i would be able to purchase it?

Artist Reply: Hi there, my goodness, I am terribly sorry it's taken this long to reply life got busy and I forgot about this site entirely.. I do still have the piece however if this is still your address.
Artist Reply: Hello there, its been a great number of years since you have posted this reply... Which I am sorry that I missed.. This piece is still available if you are still around and interested!

Kelly Six 03 Jun 2008

Great piece of work Kendra.

sheila stanley-powell 25 Aug 2007

kendra,how'd you make out at Mac. have you finished any more pieces? this is a very powerful image. you've got a lot of talent.

Artist Reply: Hello Sheila I just wanted to start off by saying Thank you very much. I really appreciate all your comments. I have many pieces here and there but never finished art history at Mac. I ended up North and finished a degree in environmental science. haha. I am however still doing art, tattoo designs, commission work and painting on rocks. If you are ever interested in commissioning me to do a piece for you, please feel free to message me anytime.

Kelly Bartlett 03 Sep 2006

It is a powerful piece. Well done, Kendra :D