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Ivy Reaching Into The sky

Oil on canvas, texturual. Third of the series.


Anonymous Guest

Michael Easter 21 Jan 2009

very lovely painting Nancy.

Kelly Barrett 24 Aug 2006

how have i missed your lovely ivy series? these are very lovely. The textures are wonderful. did you apply the paint with a palette knife?

Artist Reply: Hi, Kelly. Thanks. I have not been making the time to thank people lately due to pregnancy. Thanks for stopping by. Since you asked a question I will make the time to answer. Yes I used a palette knife. I am not working in my arts these days. I have a hard time focusing and having energy to dael with the painting process managing my other aspects of life. It will be a few months before I continue my Ivy series. Most likely, I will have a few more to do before I end the series.

Ines Froehlich 11 Apr 2006

What a beautiful work!!

Dan Mills 14 Mar 2006

You have a great techique, Nancy. This is a really interesting painting.

Emily Reed 01 Mar 2006


Jerie kunitsky 18 Feb 2006

Very lovely...The texture is amazing.

Elizabeth Knapp 18 Feb 2006

I love it!!!

Randy Kroll 26 Jan 2006

Now that's some 3 dimensional painting! I Love It!!! Good work Nancy!

Ahmad Sayyad Ali Pour 05 Jan 2006

Good job!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Jan 2006

Ahmad sayyad: your fantesy is very Hi you mast be very spcial

kali Heffernan 12 Dec 2005


Christina Langman 02 Dec 2005

Great use of texture and color! :)

heliopo Heliopo 02 Dec 2005

you painted a very nice structure/texture Nancy ! wonderful and lovely green plants. :o)

aya charity alforque alfeche 25 Oct 2005

Nancy>great green ivy's reaching the sky and nice movement of the piece, superb.

tim linville 25 Aug 2005

A most excellent flow and texture style!Great colors!

Jennifer Hewitt 24 Aug 2005

i love this, the texture is great

Amanda Hone 23 Aug 2005

This is fabulous Nancy. The texture is sublime.

Juan Gomez 22 Aug 2005

Nice textures and value this painting has...excellent work Nancy

Marion Bubak 21 Aug 2005


fred leonard 20 Aug 2005

I love the textures in this one. Beautiful work!

thea walstra 14 Aug 2005

Rough and very beautiful

Sara Deutsch 13 Aug 2005

Love your ivy series..they are more and more 3 dimensional and they are about to grow through the monitor!

Eva Britt 11 Aug 2005

WOW...gorgeous painting..... so refreshing green colors and I love the way you works with textures

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 11 Aug 2005

I love the way you paint. I feel the green plants with my eyes.!!!!!

Lawrence Hickman 10 Aug 2005

wonderfully done awsome job

Jan Christensen 10 Aug 2005

This is gorgeous!

Marilyn Servais 10 Aug 2005

this oil painting is very strong , i how you sused the greens !

Jo Nell 09 Aug 2005

Wonderful colours, we can feel the wind!!!

Terry Bullard 09 Aug 2005

appealing work, nice texture, colors work - great job

francis kwok peng kin 09 Aug 2005

very impressive and natural texture work!

Casey Catton 09 Aug 2005

Love the texture and free feeling movement in the strokes. Great job.

stephanie atlee 09 Aug 2005 the beautiful 3d effect here...just awesome

sidney orr 09 Aug 2005

A very professional touch. Lovely greens - getting to be your hallmark, along with a Van-Gogh-ish stroke.This would be a wonderful card for general greetings - wish I knew more about marketing. What are the dimensions, please? cheers Sid

Loredana 08 Aug 2005

Gorgeous work love the greens nancy very well done :)

Joselito Jandayan 08 Aug 2005

Great painting, you are the master of texture.

Cara St. Marie 08 Aug 2005

Great texture and color!!!!

Katerina Koukiotis 08 Aug 2005

lovely green colors! :)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 08 Aug 2005

Excellent texture Nancy. The subtle nuances of green gives a special sense of movement. Wonderful work!

Charlotte Ottilo 08 Aug 2005

Juat as nature truely is...lots of different greens!...Very pretty!


Nancy, this is great as green is one of my favorite colours. The texture is just grand!!

Julieanne Nielsen 08 Aug 2005

Nice texture

ian jackosn 08 Aug 2005

Fantastic use of paint! Top stuff.

monique cooper 08 Aug 2005

I love it!!..Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!:).. you are so talented

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 08 Aug 2005

Next beautiful texture. Painting which refresh our mind. We should view in the morning.

José Fortunato 08 Aug 2005

It is the kind of painting I like the most

Femi Johnson 08 Aug 2005

exciting contrast in textures and nice pallet Nancy

vineet parashar 08 Aug 2005

nice green colours