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Pet. Oil painting on board. Not to be copied, artist reserves all rights.


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Joan Wulff 04 Aug 2020

So cute!!

Joan Wulff 04 Aug 2020

So cute!!


A very very big !! YES !! TO THIS ONE nANCY

Rae Andrews 12 Feb 2014

Personality plus Nancy, good job!

Tamara Blecker 04 Feb 2008

love the face on this this. great expression. Tamara Blecker

bernard john 17 Dec 2007

Y E S !!!

Akber Moeen 28 Aug 2006

I like the mood of this painting and the way you painted it.

Eddy collins 18 Aug 2006

nice work

Arlene Ehleben 12 Jul 2006

Great painting! Wonderful rendition.

Leo Da 22 Jun 2006

Looks just likes my first dog.His name was Cyrano.

K.Scott McGregor 03 Mar 2006

Very nice dog portrait Nancy

Elton Houck 24 Dec 2005

very nice...this is Gizmo, myh daughter's pet, under the table begging for food with an intense look and pleading eyes. Tremendous.

Bev Chudey 06 Sep 2005

Very nice pet portrait. Looks like he's hiding from someone!

jiane waisi ali 24 Aug 2005

The dog is painted skillfuly, just beautiful. I'm not sure about the grey triangle on the top left corner, though. How does it help the composition?

Artist Reply: Hmm, that is very discourging, the left triangle can not be recognized. I guess my pet under the steps idea does not work. Well, the board was extremely hard to paint. It was important to me to have this there so it would not be the typical pet portrait. A dog. I prefer to add other things to my surroundings, this is why it is in the composition. Thank you for your critique. Thankyou for your opinion.

mc williams 23 Aug 2005

Realistic, wonderful expression. Dynamic composition.

Konstantina Daskalaki 07 Aug 2005

Great work Nancy!!!!! Lovely pet!!!!!!!

Greg Joens 06 Aug 2005

Nancy, This is a stand out. Nice work.

Emma Anton 06 Aug 2005

Hey she looks angry... I bet she jumped at you right after you captured this! Great work Nancy x

Patty Day 05 Aug 2005

Very interesting, great job!!!

barbie frudakis 03 Aug 2005

this is great. i love it. you have a beautiful style.

William J. Griffith 02 Aug 2005

Really really awesome job. I love the strokes and impression, you gave him such character, everything about it is great.

Femi Johnson 01 Aug 2005

WHOA!!! how this get by me? Wonderfull painting, I thought it was a photo

joan warburton 30 Jul 2005

This is adorable. Wonderful detail and coloring in the dog's coat.

Charlotte Ottilo 28 Jul 2005

Wow Beautiful oil!!

Sandy Madison 26 Jul 2005

I like this odd composition. It's filled with mystery

WESTERN ARTWORK By Denny Karchner 23 Jul 2005

fantastic piece Nancy. great style and techinque my friend.--denny

Renate Janssen 22 Jul 2005

Wonderful expression and pose, Nancy!

K Barrett 20 Jul 2005

Good perspective. Very realistic facial expression. Love the teeth.

fred leonard 19 Jul 2005

What a cutie, beautifully done!

Emily Reed 18 Jul 2005

She is a cutie!

Peter Leahy 17 Jul 2005

great portrait

Maggi Carstairs 17 Jul 2005

He is adorable...stunning photo

georgia brown 16 Jul 2005

Beautiful pet portrait!

monique cooper 16 Jul 2005

he is so cute!!!,, i love it.. Great work Nancy!!! can't wait to see more!!!

eileen martin 16 Jul 2005

this reminds me of my little lhasa apso that passed away in march........bittersweet, very beautifully done:)

Lorie Koblanski 14 Jul 2005

I love this piece .. great technique and thanks for taking a peak at some of my work

Alberto D'Assumpção 14 Jul 2005

beautiful work. Excellent tecnique

marc doutherd 14 Jul 2005

Wow. Now this is Art. Briilliant Rending. maybe Some Day I'll be this Good ! I Think You work Rockssss!

Kathy Izquierdo 13 Jul 2005

i love the way you paint. the dog looks so cute! im not a reall pet fan but i have to admit you drew this so beutiful it makes me want to go out and buy one!! good job ;) btw i love your style.

William Boyer 13 Jul 2005

great job, we have a dog that looks similar.

Richard Santos 12 Jul 2005

Very beautifully done. The hair has an especially nice flow to it.

Sara Deutsch 12 Jul 2005

How real you've made her! I can hear her breath...

Manuela Facchin Varalda 12 Jul 2005

Lovely work, Nancy! So expressive...

Aris Stathakis 11 Jul 2005

cute dog, wonderful work!!

Marion Bubak 09 Jul 2005


Blonde Blythe 09 Jul 2005

This looks so lifelike! I love her expression!

Tabitha Borges 09 Jul 2005

so nice the details and puppy..

Swayam Prakash Shrestha 09 Jul 2005

Lovely pet & your work.

Miad Kasravi 09 Jul 2005

what a rough puppy, nice done

Katerina Koukiotis 09 Jul 2005

awwwwwwwwwww so adorable!! Nancy beuatiful oil painting!!

Loredana 08 Jul 2005

Great animal portrait nacy :)

Leah Jaarveth 08 Jul 2005

What a wonderful porttrait Nancy I love it :)

Cara St. Marie 08 Jul 2005

You've really captured that little dog.

stephanie atlee 08 Jul 2005

wonderful painting...nicely done.

Nira Dabush 08 Jul 2005

Lovely work,great painting,Nancy.

Jan Christensen 08 Jul 2005

Cute dog! I really like the way you painted the fur with all the colors. The eyes, nose and mouth are just perfect!

thea walstra 08 Jul 2005

Cute and very lovely work

Lawrence Hickman 08 Jul 2005

great composition