Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hey all! I was entering a contest for photos and the theme was "movie titles". We were to come up with any movie title and do a photo expressing it. So I used my bug shots. Hope it makes you laugh!


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Jean M. Laffitau 18 Feb 2007

LOL!! Realy funny and well done!!

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

Hi Dawn! Great image!

Loredana 14 Jul 2005

This is really Neat work Dawn well done :)

Diana Hume 03 Jul 2005

Great entry! Love the rolls of toilet paper thrown at it!! LOL

Vivian Allen 29 Jun 2005

I never expected this! What a good laugh you gave me!! Wonderful use of the title with the 'bug'!!!

Emily Reed 28 Jun 2005

E-youw! Ugly! Great!

Ahmad Thoriq 28 Jun 2005


Nancy Costley 28 Jun 2005

Cute!!!!! Love this image.

Mark Sedgwick 28 Jun 2005

wow! wow! wow! brilliant!

georgia brown 27 Jun 2005

Great job!

Ruthee Easton 27 Jun 2005

YUCK! When I say that to this image, it is a compliment! lol :)

Joke Schotting 27 Jun 2005

This is stunning Dawn

Les Jobes 27 Jun 2005

I brought news paper to put over my head when it rained screen, and like Joan bread to toss! heehee... great one Dawn!! :D

joan warburton 27 Jun 2005

Ha! This is a riot!!!!! Great job, as I toss the bread at the computer screen and go to grab my umbrella!

thea walstra 27 Jun 2005

Wow Dawn this is stunning!