Space Race

This drawing was born as a result of my first animation attempt. Finally I decided that it has the right to exist as a single cartoon.


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Steve Farr 12 Apr 2006

Great cartoon, Andrey! His facial expression says it all! Nice style you have!!

Deborah Martin 05 Mar 2006 good!!!!!! I love his expression!!!!!

Jerry 03 Feb 2006

Fantastic ink work. Powerful colors, contrast and the look on his face rocks. Great whites!

Mike Lilly 26 Nov 2005

Cool style and wit.....

Melyssa Harmon 06 Jun 2005

VERY funny!

Geoffrey Gwin 05 Jun 2005

pretty cool

Tabitha Borges 04 Jun 2005

Hee.. it good when catoon are fun but say so much...

David DeMorest 03 Jun 2005

I'm surprised the flag hasn't 'crashed' ;) Great style!

Artist Reply: It's a Microsoft product, David, it's made for ever. :)


How funny. Quite a statement.

joan warburton 03 Jun 2005

Ha!!!! This is great!!!! You should send this to Gates!

Clemens Konieczka 03 Jun 2005

LOL, that´s really great! ...too funny

Richard Delay Sirs 03 Jun 2005

Nice Andy . . I suspect that there is another notice or graffitti that says . . "Bill was here"

Emilie Dionne 03 Jun 2005

Hah a!! Love that !! Great idea.