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Wings Entrance

SOLD. Fabric, tulle, paper, metallic powder, and acrylic was used to make this painting. There are textural marks of paint in some areas of the surface.Unfortunately the photo does not capture the shiny surface. copyright by Nancy Costley


Anonymous Guest

Francisco Capelo 06 Dec 2009

Very interesting composition

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Jun 2008

vibrant and moving. If I had your talent I would paint all day and night. I look forward to your new work. It is uplifting with a touch of sadness--wonderful

manushya van Pelt 06 Mar 2008

I love this one.Good energy

Sergio Saurio 06 Feb 2008

Hola Nancy!!!....I am so fascinated and enticed by your Art. Cheers!!!, ~Sergio.

Keerati Sarakun 09 Aug 2006

VeRy NiCe !! :)

bo huffmen 02 Apr 2006

beautiful piece of art here ,love the colors, 2 thumbs up great job......Bo

Crescentia Mello 15 Feb 2006

I really like this one, it is so warm and inspiring. So much spirituality in such an abstract piece. This is true abstract ART, unlike some things that try to pass as abstract art but have no thought or feeling.

kali Heffernan 10 Jan 2006

Mystical and spiritual in feeling, very nice work, well done..

Norma Nava 21 Aug 2005


Shannon Reinbold-Gee 15 Aug 2005

Gorgeous use of color--the whole piece creates an air of movement (no pun intended ;-). There's a spirituality about this one, too.

Ilunia Felczer 13 Aug 2005

I like the colors nice work

Ralph Miller 11 Aug 2005

The colors, and plendings, a real eye catcher. Excelant peace.

Jo Nell 11 Aug 2005

it's só fabulous, we can into your entrails, só pure, innnocent. Bravó Nancy.

Maggi Carstairs 30 Jul 2005

That photo of the two horses is stunning...and this is lovely too..

Gary Glass 28 Jul 2005

very interesting technique and interpretation with the medium...

Pat Goff 28 Jul 2005

Very cool painting, great texture.

Iain Robinson 28 Jul 2005

This really shows your feeling for texture and colour. Like a poem in paint, I love it!

Olga Dmytrenko 23 Jul 2005

Nancy! I love this work very much. Great colors and feel of flight ...fantastic!

David Holcombe 21 Jul 2005

This has a pleasant angelic quality. The abstract nature of the bird only re-enforces that impression. I like the orange and cream color lines that help bring out the brilliance of the blue.

Emilia Misiura 21 Jul 2005

Thank you Nancy for the remarks on my painting. I see that your work is unusual abstract and beautiful.

joanne elliott 20 Jul 2005

this is beautiful ....the colours are gorgeous

jerene simmons 18 Jul 2005

Love the colors and the design!

Julie Mayser 16 Jul 2005

Nancy, this is delightful!

monique cooper 14 Jul 2005

I love the colors you chose!!. It so captures the imagination!!!


Nancy, your works are beautiful!!!! I understand your concepts. Awesome!! Thank you for your compliments! Therese

Derek Murray 10 Jul 2005

Yes this I like - HOPE a lot of HOPE

Bev Chudey 09 Jul 2005

Beautiful painting Nancy. Love the colors

Paul Traudt 09 Jul 2005

this is one of those pieces that really reaches your soul , very peaceful,very beautiful, yet VERY powerful... great work

simone haynes 08 Jul 2005

i love this...the use of tone and colour is excellent well done

Candice Solomon-Miller 07 Jul 2005

Very Beautiful Piece. It reminds me of an angel in the rays of the sun. Candice Miller

Vijay Kochar 06 Jul 2005

I like the composition. This work has good underwater effect.

David Giorgadze 04 Jul 2005

Very nice composition!

Christine brand 30 Jun 2005

I can see the beauty of the lights entrance n luminous demensional doors! how spiritual n thrilling to see! the blues r so vibrant! a living tribute to love! CB

Keren Gorzhaltsan 29 Jun 2005

I believe that it looks better in real life, but even the photo of this piece is quite great! Good job!

Casey Catton 25 Jun 2005

Absolutely gorgeous work! Really....stunning!

Sybille Sterk 24 Jun 2005

Very pretty. Love the feel of this.

Anita Thompson 22 Jun 2005

Just love the rays and colors you spiritual and beautiful!!

William J. Griffith 21 Jun 2005

Wow, it's beautiful... what a comforting quality. Great work.

Peter Leahy 21 Jun 2005

fabulous colors and compostion

amany ibrahim 21 Jun 2005

it's very fantastic,it touches the spiritual feelings inside, the colors are wonderful, i love this painting so much..

Ruslana Stovner 20 Jun 2005

Interesting abstract work !

Marilyn Servais 18 Jun 2005

i love the light here and the spiritual presence of the wings ...and the title !

Emily Reed 16 Jun 2005

Oh, spectacular!

Lynn De Serres 16 Jun 2005

Absolutely SPECTACULAR. Congratulations on your fine talent.

marc doutherd 15 Jun 2005

This is simply beautiful. A wonderful feeling in time huh?

Alberto D'Assumpção 15 Jun 2005

wonderful composition and clolours!

Alicja Kocaj 11 Jun 2005

Nice part of art!!!

Eva Britt 10 Jun 2005

Teriffic painting Nancy, nice texture an so beautiful colors.

george martinez 08 Jun 2005

beautiful piece and nice colors Nancy

Mirek Drozd 08 Jun 2005

Fantastic. I like blue color. Excellent piece of art.

Katrina Sesum 08 Jun 2005

This is lovely, interesting work. I like your style :)

Jenny Iospa 08 Jun 2005

Wonderful eternal light. Mike

Manuela Facchin Varalda 07 Jun 2005

Powerful and with a great movement, Nancy! excellent work

Carla van den Berg 05 Jun 2005

Nice work, well done!

Sara Deutsch 05 Jun 2005

Rich and imaginative!

Mariam El-Mofty 05 Jun 2005

the wings being centralized gives me the sense of hope! very good work

Marcel LorAnge 04 Jun 2005

I agree with Stephanie, I wish I could see the real thing just to watch the light playing in it.

stephanie atlee 03 Jun 2005

Very powerful imagery and movement...very well done.

Giuseppe Mariotti 03 Jun 2005

Very interesting

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 03 Jun 2005

Powerful Imagery and beautiful colors!

Nira Dabush 03 Jun 2005

Fabulous work,Nancy...wonderful technic...beautiful colours.

Diana Hume 02 Jun 2005

This is wonderful. So many things to see!! Bet the real thing would be awesome!

rodica miller 02 Jun 2005

Great design and palette, Nancy..I used to love the quick techniques class too...Nancy, I want to thank you for your wonderful welcome and comment on my painting Lazy Afternoon....Sorry for the belated reply...:)

Billy Lewis 02 Jun 2005

well rendered. Great job

Pat Abbott 02 Jun 2005

Lovely blues and textures.

Marlem Diaz 02 Jun 2005

Very interesting abstract!

georgia brown 01 Jun 2005

Gorgeous colors !!

Susan Epps 01 Jun 2005

Really nice work, Nancy...well done!

Loredana 01 Jun 2005

Awesome work a wonderful composition full of wonderful color and immagination , great texture also and very nicely presented :)

Michael Van Patten 01 Jun 2005

Nancy-Thank you for your kind comments. I saw your work too and this is absolutley my favorite. A ray of hope!!!

Aris Stathakis 01 Jun 2005

faschinating, well done!

Jo Glasscock 01 Jun 2005


Kathy Izquierdo 01 Jun 2005

wow im speechless here, good colormixes. great job :)