Butterfly Eyes

Sometimes we all look through the butterfly eyes.....this makes things special and amaisingly transforming. If you feel that your heart is tired or beating with sadness....just put on your butterfly eyes and you will be amased how different it will looks..... Watercolor - 9 x 12"


Anonymous Guest

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Apr 2005

Very pretty.....lovely colors

whitney goin 26 Apr 2005

oh - i love this one!!

Anita Thompson 26 Apr 2005

Stunning work...Maria, as usual...I love this one for the butterfly to me represents freedom and change...

Debbie Jensen 25 Apr 2005

such beautiful butterfly eyes....great job, maria

Barbara Beck-Azar 25 Apr 2005

pappilion brilliance... this is full of springtime fevers!

Leah Jaarveth 25 Apr 2005

very pretty....

Nancy Woolweber 25 Apr 2005

Another beauty.

Peggy DANDRIDGE 25 Apr 2005

Very pretty. Nice detail!

teresa greene 25 Apr 2005

Very very pretty

Tabitha Pitner 25 Apr 2005

cool watercolor

Renee Nemerov 25 Apr 2005

Interesting -Skilllful

georgia brown 25 Apr 2005

Gorgeous watercolor!

Gregory Edwards 25 Apr 2005

It is like she is dreaming our loud

Joel Hunt 25 Apr 2005

Original, and nice colors, detail.

Kristina Ackerman 25 Apr 2005

Very nice and natural. I'm glad you're not afraid to use black outlines. They add a lot of expression to this piece.

Joke Schotting 25 Apr 2005

Beautiful work Maria!!!

Alejandro Lopez 25 Apr 2005

nice very nice