The Cliché

One day in a gallery in Hawaii, a friend was admiring a VERY EXPENSIVE moonlit, see-through wave seascape. I cautioned him that he would do well not to spend good money on a painting with such a trite subject! But - if he just had to have it, it would be better that I paint one for him as a gift! So I did! And I called it "The Cliché", of course. Oh, and it's another poor photo!) Oil on linen

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alina martinez-beatriz 10 Dec 2009

wonderful painting, you can actually feel the power of the ocean

Holly Martinson 18 Jan 2009

beautiful seascape.

annette steens 16 Jul 2007

you are unbelievable clever with painting seascapes! Love this one very much! Have you seen my wave? Not the same but a little abstract and with a meaning about life.

Christine brand 17 Sep 2006

Wow! this is like a shinning cool soothing dream...Excellent work...I love everything about it. so Edgar Allen Poe is in there unseen or something.

Gail Caduff-Nash 04 Aug 2006

it's a shame when one of Nature's more exquisite moments becomes trite. we just can't get enough of it. i like your limited palette