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Mme V pours Ivan a cup of coffee as he puts his hand on hers. Lil hangs around.


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Anne Vis 11 Oct 2006

Fantastic work!

Maurizio Miele 15 Aug 2006

Great work ! Maurizio Miele

Shari Morfin 07 Jun 2006

Very good work. Cute how thin they are and their eyes.

Linda Bertiaux 13 Feb 2006

Great job!! Excellent work. Love your portfolio! :))

Renata Cavanaugh 26 Jan 2006

Beautiful work

Gary Glass 30 Nov 2005

You have a very unique style of painting,, this one really captures the beatnick/bohemian style.. love it...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 06 Sep 2005

beautifull story telling image. fine colors!!!

Emily Reed 04 Sep 2005

I just love how your people look and that you always have that cute cat in each painting!

Nira Dabush 29 Aug 2005

Such a wonderful scene,Vivian...beautiful !!!

Maggi Carstairs 17 Jul 2005

What an amzing series of paintings...this is particularly memorable..the expressions, the setting complete to the cat, and the vibrance. Great work

jennifer blenkinsopp 15 Jun 2005

oh this is great, I love these stick people, so detailed too, I am putting you on my fav list of artists.

Diana Hume 14 Jun 2005

"Cool Cat". This is "crazy". Beatniks! Now that's retro!!! Love it!

John Graham Inkson 22 May 2005

Most unusual and stylized work. John

Cheri Stewart 12 May 2005

All of your work just makes me want to stare at them. How nice to know you make people so happy with your work.

chael dooley 01 May 2005

great characters. i love the moods of your works.

Marcel LorAnge 25 Apr 2005

I'm a fan of your Beatbik series, Vivain snf this surely my favorite of the bunch being a coffe lover myself and that B&W striped sweater is just perfect by the way.

Juan Gomez 04 Apr 2005

Love image Vivian

Kukua Akumanyi 25 Mar 2005

uber cute I love the leg on the chair. cute, cute cute...

Barbara Beck-Azar 24 Mar 2005

your art is always a delight! specially for java lovers....

Sarah Collison 24 Mar 2005

a very interesting peice! I love it!

Loredana 24 Mar 2005

Another great work from you Vivian :)

Michael Kennedy 24 Mar 2005

wonderful colours and detail

eileen martin 24 Mar 2005

oh they are so in love, wonderfully done.:)

geri pratt 24 Mar 2005

I want the table and chairs! I could use an Ivan like this too.

joan warburton 24 Mar 2005

Oh, I love her blue housedress, LOL! Adorable, Vivian!


This is really great. Warm, heartfelt piece.

William Boyer 24 Mar 2005

what fun

sher richardson 24 Mar 2005

oh i love this Viv... i swear i think i'm watching art history being meade with your works.. : )

thea walstra 24 Mar 2005

One of your best Vivian

Reba McDonald 24 Mar 2005

Love it !