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Trouble is, we do take a lot of folks seriously we shouldn't. Most of us can't read our brethren very well, if at all. So we find ourselves betrayed, bamboozled, toyed with, etc. So I think 'reading folks' should be right there next to reading and writing and arithmetic. If this ability could be learned and learned well, most politicians and 'pretty ladies' would find themselves rather impotent. This is a 7 by 5.5 inches gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. Yes, Original Jones Art has way too much time to think these days in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ray Steele 06 Mar 2023

Btw nice depiction

Ray Steele 06 Mar 2023

I was lousy in math in school and math still sux,i agree with you Charles,I never judge one when i was younger even when i had my peers judge me i still didnt,i looked at this waythey were the ones that had a problem,not me