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An abstract view created in this wall and window with lines and textures. Known as "Officer's Row" at Fort Bayard in southwest New Mexico, once regal living quarters are now falling sadly into decay. Portrayed in the art of decay, there are many elements telling a story of time in this photograph. Although I am not sure when this dwelling was built, Fort Bayard was originally established, and the first building of the fort began in August of 1866 and currently is a National Historic Landmark. My heart breaks to see these once majestic buildings fall into ruin.....


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Sylvia Jackovitch- Kallay 06 Sep 2022

The title is perfect. There is beauty here. Although it is sad to see the decay, it has its own beauty if we take the time to look. Very nice!

Artist Reply: Yes, very sad to see these wonderful, majestic buildings fall into dis repair. From an artistic view, I loved the elements. Just 19 years ago people were still living here. you can still see the painter's tape in the window, adding a whole other layer to this story. It does appear now that they are doing some restoration of these beautiful homes. Thank you so much Sylvia!

Zofia Wilamowska 05 Sep 2022

Excellent, Vicki!

Artist Reply: Very much appreciated Zofia, thank you!

Debra Kott 05 Sep 2022

Great shot.

Artist Reply: Thank you so kindly Debra!