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  • Added 20 Mar 2022
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I spent much of the day yesterday, during the site's hiatus, working on six 6 by 4 inches drawings to fit in a frame I have with a mat with that many openings. Do I have any spare wall space for this piece? Of course not. But it kept me busy and my mind off other things. That can't be a bad thing these days. Or am I forcing myself to look away from unpleasantness, from what is around the corner, or worse, what is right in front of my face but I choose to ignore? Strength of will only goes so far. Yes, this is 6 by 4 inches on medium bond acid-free paper. I used my usual gel pen and color pencil. Original Jones Art keeps up the rosy facade here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Rick Corbett 20 Mar 2022

Beautiful work as always. Keeping yourself busy to keep your mind off other things is never a bad thing. Drawing, being creative keeps the mind sharp but at the same time, I believe it's soothing, and not only calms the mind but the soul as well. There is too much stresses in the world, too much chaos and unknowns. The world is complicated and it seems to get more complicated by the minute - drawing I truly believes allows us to take a break from all of that. You may not have enough wall space but your drawings allow for so much more. I hope you are well, excellent thought provoking work as usual.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Rick! I keep hoping I'll tap into something that'll make the world a better place. Which, of course, means somehow modifying human behavior. At this stage, I know a hopeless cause when I see one but I've always been more than a little stubborn and tenacious. But you are correct; the process is an end unto itself. It's like a nice warm blanket on a cold winter's night. :)