Bound by What Frees

This piece is a reference to how gifts can seem like burdens, and how we let our abilities hold us down.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Nov 2005

Beautiful, really love the choice of colour. Terry Waites

Emma Anton 23 Feb 2005

Beautiful piece Tanya, long hours of work... all worth it!!!

johnmark dacanay 22 Feb 2005

i love the emotion in this piece... solitude presence in each one of us a soul drifting in space! wonderfull art!

Misty Benson 22 Feb 2005

She is such a fantastically tragic creature! She has the wings to take flight; yet, she seems to be trapped by larger burdens....

Clif Jackson 17 Feb 2005

Your work expresses such beauty and feeling. I love it.

Aleczandra Kulig 16 Feb 2005

This was done so elegantly. Good use of colors and imagination! Really nice work.

Mark Peterson 16 Feb 2005

Excellent work Tanya, everything flows together real nice.

tim linville 16 Feb 2005

Very soft work!Excellent pencil control!

Justin Jenkins 16 Feb 2005

Tanya i love the imaginative elemtns in this. Great color choices and i love the tree roots wrapping around the stone. SUPER!!!

Karen Slade 12 Feb 2005

nice work, great colours and shades so moving!


Great pic. Obviously, lots of work. This is lovely. Your artist's statement is moving.

john sayer 11 Feb 2005

I love the composition of this very cool good shading

Christine brand 11 Feb 2005

Yes! this is cool, nice cooperation of color, form n creativity, love the gothic tones, especially the lavender, that is very diff.