Mushroom Sprig

"Sprig" by definition is a small or young form of a plant, or refers to a naive boy. I have deciphered my own depiction of a youthful, sometimes mischievous, male fae whose purpose in the magical realm is to host bountiful plant life from that very definition. This particular Sprig is hosting some fabulous mushrooms, and even a bit of grass!

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Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 13 Jan 2006

This is well done. Thank you for your comment Tanya.

Chris Hoffman 07 Nov 2005

Very original work,nice coloring...great job.Thanks for your comment...

Misty Benson 22 Feb 2005

He's still one of my favorites! I just wouldn't want to meet him in a dark field! He's a wee bit scary! LOL

Clif Jackson 17 Feb 2005

Great imagination; awesome art!

tim linville 16 Feb 2005

Great lines!Never heard of this guy before:)