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You'd have to see my work area to fully understand how this happened. I have lots of small drawings, sketches, doodles---call them what you will---lying about. I finished a small 3 by 3 inches sticky drawing and on a whim, stuck it over another drawing 6 by 4.5 inches. It 'almost' fit and there seemed to be a 'connection.' I left it there for some time and grew used to it. Ultimately, it came to capture a feeling I've had on and off about people in general and the opposite sex in particular. At my tender age I'm still something of an idealist and a romantic. When something is unseen or obscured, I like to think of it as hidden. If you could only dig it out, you'd find a rare jewel. It's only recently occurred to me that possibly, quite probably, it isn't there at all. This is another bit of Original Jones Art who, on a calm yet overcast day in northwest Austin, Texas, wonders if everything else is illusory too.

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Ginger Lovellette 27 Nov 2021

So now, I can't help wondering what's under the 3x3 post it you placed over the other image. Really creative and wonderful work, Charles!