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Looks like I'm back in b and w mode but that works too, I think. This is another in the infamous 'non-selfie' series. Figure looks a lot like a CJ example without looking the least like CJ. Sort of the point. This is a 5.25 by 4.375 inches gel pen drawing with some charcoal pencil. It's a little something that kept Original Jones Art busy for a little time here on a warm October day in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Elton Houck 23 Oct 2021

At fiirst I though it was you when I saw on your forehead that arrow tatoo....can it be true that NUEMRO QUARTO is not really you...?

Artist Reply: Well, it's not a hidden haiku in the NY Times but I'll take your rhyming comment graciously then pat you on the back and say, "Today, rhyming is so pass'e." ;)