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I can't tell you how many times I've reached out to folks over my lifetime only to draw back a bloody stump. How many times I've confided my deepest thoughts and wishes, only to be told convenient lies that wore thin over time. Or until I, personally, became inconvenient. Like so many, I was spoon fed the slow acting poison about trying hard, keeping the faith, minding my p's and q's, etc. Now my days are spent still trying to maintain. Maintain my own integrity, my own sense of decency, my own dwindling routine of normalcy. How can people live cooped up inside their tiny heads all their lives? Shouldn't I be reading about heads mysteriously exploding? Or maybe about those who continue to function per normal even after losing their heads? This is a 6 by 4.5 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil and a bit of acrylic paint marker on medium bond manilla paper. Yeah, this is more of that Original Jones Art who thinks Jack Nicholson was right. 'You can't handle the truth' here in northwest Austin, Texas. Or anywhere else.

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Ginger Lovellette 21 Oct 2021

Right on!

Artist Reply: I'm afraid I'm getting a bit too soapbox happy, Ginger. I probably need to delve into a new project and leave the newsfeeds behind me for a bit. I actually got my old autoharp out and tuned it today. I used to make up music to go with my poems back in the long ago. I'm glad they have electronic tuners these days. Thanks for the 'spot on' comment. :)

Dave Matke 20 Oct 2021

Love it, stellar work Charles ! And definitely hear what you say . Can't offer any advice, but I would pop for some Indian food if I lived 'round the corner : )

Artist Reply: Thanks, Dave! This is why I call my work a continuing voyage of discovery. Occasionally something like this surfaces and makes it seem worth the effort. Hope all is good with you. :)

Ray Steele 20 Oct 2021

We all try mask our bad feelings one way or the other

Artist Reply: As I've pointed out many times, folks present themselves differently to different folks and in various social settings. It amounts to a dishonesty that we've convinced ourselves is necessary. People marry people who do not reveal their true characters. Folks adopt a persona that causes neuroses and even physical damage over time. And now we have ways to engage socially from a distance with no face at all. We don't need to be invaded by aliens; we are becoming aliens ourselves, Ray. Ah, I do sound a bit preachy, don't I? Oh well. :)

Ray Steele 20 Oct 2021

I love its crazy looking drawing,Picasso couldn't do it better

Artist Reply: Now you know, Ray, that I do not attempt to emulate and/or channel Pablo in any way. But, that being said, thanks for the great comment. :)

Nikolay Semyonov 20 Oct 2021

Most of facades tend to be happier than their backs. However, they need way more repair every time and again. Still neither would live independently. Great art and thoughts, Charles! Be well and content

Artist Reply: Yes, the facade needs lots of repair and upkeep to remain viable, Nikolay. That's why learning to express yourself honestly and openly is so important. Yes, I'm sure with lots of folks it's a defense mechanism. But do we really need so many? Nice comment, Nikolay. Hope all is as it should be where you are. :)