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I find myself 'resting my eyes' more nowadays. For this reason, I try to avoid the easy chair in the living room because I invariably lose some daylight that way. I try to convince myself they are 'power naps' but I know I'm only rationalizing. If there were an Olympic event for that, I'd win the gold hands-down. Or is that head down? This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen with color pencil drawing on medium weight acid-free paper. Yes, you guessed it. It's some of that Original Jones Art that crops up between naps here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Rick Corbett 28 Aug 2021

Another amazing work my friend! I love you easy relatable your work is. I find myself needing to rest my eyes more as I grow older. I find myself wanting to sleep more and more.....then I remind myself of Edgar Allan Poe's quote, "sleep those little slices of death.." then I'm wide awake. I always love your work, each piece just touches my very soul. Great job my friend!

Artist Reply: That one did turn out pretty 'sweet' didn't it, Rick. I just keep myself busy---for body and soul, you might say. Hope all is good with you. :)

Ray Steele 28 Aug 2021

The gold Olympic medal for sleeping that is a wild concept Charles lmfao

Artist Reply: Well, they keep adding events that don't seem that Olympic to me, Ray. That would be one we old timers might just have a shot at. :)

Maria Anna Machado 28 Aug 2021


Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria. I see you've been busy too. Good for you; good for us both. :)