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The cosmetically inclined 'beauty mark' has been a round a long time. Centuries in fact. As I recall off the top of my head, Sophia Loren, Ann Francis, Liz Taylor and even Madonna (uh, not the original one) sport them. They can be real birthmarks or moles and there have been artificial ones as well. But this is the 21st Century and you can't have a simple spot signifying sensual beauty anymore. You need something with more pizzazz, more flair, less taste, perhaps gaudy, etc. This is a 7 by 5.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil on medium weight acid-free paper. It's Original Jones Art, of course, welling up from a sinkhole on the outskirts of northwest Austin, Texas. Where else?

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Ginger Lovellette 19 Aug 2021

Another splendid rendering.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ginger. I thought it came out pretty well. I'm having difficulty uploading my 'detail' image for some reason. I've tried twice so far. O well. :)