Vin Diesel

Copyright 2003 Christina Toews Drawn from celebrity photo Graphite pencil approx. 8X10


Anonymous Guest

Dennis Malcolm 07 Dec 2006


Cathy Holford 08 Jul 2006

This is so amazing-like a photograph! Unbelieveable!

edem jimbo 31 May 2006

shading at its best.....................

Irada Rizvanova 22 May 2006

Fine work!!!

Brandi Wilson 11 Mar 2006

Great job first I thought it was a photo

mark jorgenson 07 Mar 2006

definately caught his defiant look!

Gina Kinney 04 Mar 2006

ooooooo Vin, man would i like this on my wall or great job

Kathi Perry 28 Feb 2006

He is not my favorite, but you did an awesome job on him Christina.

K L Marsala 16 Jan 2006

incredible work

David Holcombe 08 Jan 2006

This has an almost photographic quality. Black and white, whether it be drawings or photos, always has a particularly dramatic intensity. You have chosen a white background which acts as negative space, also increasing the intensity of the drawing.

Ted Schmittel 30 Dec 2005

Wow, this is amazing. Nice work

Leroy Drumm 29 Dec 2005

This is a great drawing!! very good work!! 100+

Homayra Nasher 14 Dec 2005

I cant believe this is pencil work you have done an excellent job in pencil work look so much like a photgraph

Charlotte Ottilo 07 Dec 2005

So real looking it looks like a photo, Fantastic work as is your portfolio!

Kendra kuss 07 Dec 2005

Great detail and wonderful subject!

deborah anne nero 16 Nov 2005

superb work Christine

kyleen rafferty 16 Nov 2005

FANTASTIC....amazing sense of line and depth...wonderful work!!!

Mike Sankey 09 Nov 2005

WOW that's pencil? Good God your talented. Amazing work

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

Excellent pencil work 10+

Michell Hvass 08 Aug 2005

Truly Amazing! So smooth! I cant believe my eyes! Good art work of any kind makes me my heart is smile, but this one has it grinning from ear to friggin' ear!. Great work Christina.

Greg Joens 08 Aug 2005

nice contrasts!

Carolin Schweizer 08 Aug 2005

I adore how you menaged to get the lines so smoothly. I think some facial proportions are not exactly true, but only when you look closer. He really looks hot on this drawing. I met him once in New York and he is also in real life a true hottie! How did you menage that I cannot even see a single pencil stroke? This is truely artistic.

Pascale Rodot 18 Jul 2005

Oh my!! I love Vin Diesel!! So #@&* #@&y!! U've captured him beautifully! Excellent work!!

marc doutherd 15 Jul 2005

Wonderful image! You have the gift and Im glad your puting it to good use.Amazing Art!

Emily Reed 14 Jul 2005

Cool dude!

Lawrence Hickman 12 Jul 2005

greatly detailed excellantly done...

Jessica Morgan 12 Jul 2005

Awesome pencil work!!! Wow, photographic and perfect...

Leah Jaarveth 09 Jul 2005

Wow thats an awesome portrait Christina!

Giovanni Manzo 04 Jul 2005

Great image and good painter .Brava !

taniya varshney 06 Jun 2005

oooooooooo! great work man!

Gautam Thoidingjam 18 May 2005

Great Van!!! Great Work!!!

Julie Mayser 05 May 2005

Very well done pencil "painting".... this is more than a sketch!

John Graham Inkson 29 Apr 2005

Very fine pencil work. skilled. John

Stephanie Shimerdla 29 Mar 2005

Wow, what an awesome job you've done with that bod. Amazing job with the blending and contrasts. :)

whitney goin 27 Mar 2005

great job on making this fantastic body look good on paper too! :)


Great job!

Jerry Cave 24 Mar 2005

Phenomenal work - superb contrast, blending!

Loredana 24 Mar 2005

wow Purrrrrrrrrrrrr how nice what fantasic pencil work Van looking a bit hot too LOL :)

Clif Jackson 22 Mar 2005

Pencil perfect, Christina!

Aris Stathakis 22 Mar 2005

amazing work christina

Rina Gholson 21 Mar 2005

i'm feeling a lil bit turn on. good work. nothing to comment :)

tim linville 20 Mar 2005

Excellent portrait style!

Dean Huck 17 Mar 2005

Wow - now that's some photo reality for ya. Good job.

K.Scott McGregor 16 Mar 2005

Excellent pencil work, you have a very impressive portfolio Christina, thankyou for your comment

Kathryn Fedoruk 15 Mar 2005

Excellent work and subject Christina ;)

Manuela Facchin Varalda 15 Mar 2005

Fantastic pencil, Christina! Excellent portrait

johnmark dacanay 14 Mar 2005

gret works on the shadows just a little bit out of place by the chin but still a 10+..:)

Joke Schotting 11 Feb 2005

Excellent pencil work Christina.

Aleczandra Kulig 10 Feb 2005

BE STILL MY HEART! *(cat call)* Excellent drawing! I love it!

v blair 10 Feb 2005

Whoa!Excellent pencil work

Andree Lerat 07 Feb 2005

The look on his face is so human. The look that speaks of no way out.

Billy Lewis 07 Feb 2005

great job. has a great look

Roger Anderson 07 Feb 2005

Great work Christina....I like the high always do fantastic wok...:)

eileen martin 07 Feb 2005

OH YES! ,,,,oops sorry.... anyway, fantastic pencil work, perfect likeness:)