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A couple of utensils my characters usually possess in abundance are eyes and ears. That is no accident though it has developed organically over the years. Folks have a tendency to lean in when they really want to hear or see something, don't they? This is a 7 by 5.5 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil and another hot-off-the-pen example of Original Jones Art as he sits patiently for humanity to catch up with its potential here in northwest Austin, Texas.


Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 28 Jun 2021

I find myself sometime leaning to what people saying especially if my hearing aid isnt working properly

Artist Reply: Yes, I imagine that would be natural for you to do, Ray. Maybe I was unconsciously thinking about your hearing loss when I drew this and/or titled it. Thanks for commenting. :)

Ginger Lovellette 28 Jun 2021

Yes, they do lean in, if interested. Getting them interested is another story. Great work, as always.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ginger! I've only had a few decent conversations for more than a year and only a couple face-to-face so maybe I'm getting a bit nostalgic for the old days when folks actually fully engaged with one another without digital interruption. :)

Marie josé LAURIER 28 Jun 2021


Artist Reply: Thank you, Marie. I appreciate you stopping by and hope all is good with you and yours. :)