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I guess they might be like ocean if the water is unpolluted and living. If you look over my work, you'll see a lot of eyes. I guess I've always had this thing for eyes and it's now firmly ingrained in my psyche and through that, into my work. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with lots of color pencil. If this one isn't colorful enough you can complain to management here at Original Jones Art. He'll be somewhere about the place doing his thing here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ginger Lovellette 16 Jun 2021

No complaint here. Very colorful. Very expressive. Love your work.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Ginger! I've been putzing around with 3D pieces today and haven't put myself in a chair long enough to do any drawing. Well, if you don't count the sit-down that ended with a short nap an hour or so back. Note to self: Stay out of the recliner! :)

Ray Steele 16 Jun 2021

Yes with Mark with that charles. Hey Charles look ive been Medication all my life Charles I myself have a life threatening condition asthma which I was born with plus I starting loosing my hearing which I have to where a hearing aid you Think I like to have wear it.I do feel for you .

Artist Reply: I'm probably just whining a bit, Ray. Yes, I've been fortunate to have been healthy until recently. Trials and tribulations: we've all got 'em, for sure. And everything is subject to change and usually on a downward slope. Thanks again. :)

Mark Peterson 14 Jun 2021

You have like a 1001 different expression don't you? They are endless it would seem. Congratulations!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Mark! I'm guessing there's some overlapping somewhere down the line but I do try to build each face in such a way that there's individuality embedded in the piece; hopefully, it shows. :)