Yew Tree of Korea

Painting, Mixed Media on Paper - Cotton 2015 - 2020 W:76.00 H:56.00 cm Biafarin Artwork Code: AW127693956 It's my personal favorite tree. personally like. It is a yew tree located in Deokyusan Mountain (1,614 meters above sea level)in Korea and lives only in very high places. It means a red tree. Although we are suffering from the current fendemics through this strong and strong tree, I hope we can get healthy and good energy. The yew tree is an important tree in Korea. It means a living fossil. It means a strong tree that lasts 1,000 years in death and lives 1,000 years in life. There are many beautiful mountains in Korea.

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X-Chel 20 Dec 2020

Totally "Yeppuda Namu" (sorry about the bad Korean grammar)! I really like all the intricate details in this artwork.