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In general, things are constantly changing all around us. But there are times when a steady stream becomes a mighty flood. 2020 has been such a time. Let's hope the flotsam and jetsam that survive will have learned something about themselves and by doing so, something about this oddball collective. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil on medium bond acid-free paper. It's a fluid example of Original Jones Art that has paused momentarily in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Rick Corbett 22 Oct 2020

Amazing work! Phenomenal detail. Your work is inspiring. The chaos that surrounded 2020 certainly has many of us spinning trying to wrap our heads around what's happening as many ask "what's next?" Through the challenges, the obstacles, and the chaos, I think one thing many have learned; I know I have, is how to persevere and become more innovative in how we live our lives. Excellent work!