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As I learned it, losing definition has to do with losing shape or detail. It can also mean, I think, losing meaning or identity, as regards a sense of who one truly is. In the Sixties we heard (and saw) a lot about folks who dropped out of 'active' society to find themselves. I never really knew if they were successful. Maybe, if you don't lose yourself in the first place, you don't have to go out and find anything. So is this guy turning into a lamp or what? This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color gel and color pencil. It's Original Jones Art trying to figure out if a lot of folks have lost themselves while others have found themselves or maybe we've all just lost a lot of useful definitions. As always, the artist is hunkered down waiting to see what it'll be that eventually kills him. I have bets on red and black---just not in the way you might think.

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