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I consider myself an expressionist as that classification seems closer to what I am/do than any other in the artistic realm. You could just as well call me a visual empath. Many folks who avoid large crowds or prefer their own company could fall somewhere near that mark as well. They do so out of a sense of self-preservation whether they know the why of it or not. With so much of the world floating on a rather smelly ocean of lies and deceit, some of us try to find a small crystal clear pebble of pure honest thought and feeling. And, yes, sometimes 'it gets heavy.' This is a 6 by 4.25 inches gel pen drawing with color pencil. It's another small yet weighty example of Original Jones Art as he realizes his watery eyes have nothing to do with what he sees in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Anonymous Guest

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 10 Mar 2020

Yes, heavy head, heavy heart. Your expressionist style rings true!!

Maria Anna Machado 09 Mar 2020