The Seer by Charles Jones |

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A person who sees the future or merely things that others cannot, does not necessarily use his eyes. This is a gel pen drawing measuring 6 by 4 inches. If you see a guy in north Austin, Texas with shades and a walking stick, the odds are its Original Jones Art.


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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 19 Oct 2019

I wish I could see the Seer's eyes! Ha, ha, ha,...even though he doesn't need them to see the future! Great sketch!

Artist Reply: It's just a quick little sketch and I looked at it after the fact and thought of a title. Sometimes the title comes in the middle or near the end but a quick small one is titled, if at all, usually after the fact. I thought it was slightly humorous looking so irony plays a part too. Hope you are doing better than you deserve, Mark. ;)

Maria Anna Machado 18 Oct 2019

wow...smell good...

Artist Reply: Ha! Well smells aren't always good, Maria, but I see your point. Or is that I don't see your point since the drawing has no eyes? Hope you are doing great and thanks for commenting. :)