Previous 65 of 196 Next she home YET? aunt had two big dogs that occupied a high step so that they could see out the side window by the front door. Upon entering and walking by they would wash your face and drool all over you... some people love that i suppose... yuk... they always had that "shes home yay" look : ) Acrylic / canvas / 2003


Anonymous Guest

cramer 31 May 2005

i love the painterly abstract background...i can fell a passion in it...very good brush work

tim linville 30 Apr 2005

Man,I bet those two are an investment:)They look like BIG eaters!

James Taylor 26 Jan 2005

this is a fabulous piece fantastic style great colours.

Amanda Hone 21 Jan 2005

Sher this is stunning. I absolutely love this to bits.

Masrur Imani 20 Jan 2005

Very good use of colors,interesting subject,very well made.

Peter Rivron 18 Jan 2005

Fabulous art work, I really like the colours.

Justin Jenkins 17 Jan 2005

EXcellent work Sher. Nice brush work that culminates in an expressionistic and playful design and color play. WEll done my friend.

Wendy De Rycke 15 Jan 2005

Anyone with a dog would love this one Sher! I have a Chow that greats me like a star when I get home!

William J. Griffith 15 Jan 2005

Awesome expressive work, the colors and texture really bring out a great feel to it too.

Les Jobes 15 Jan 2005

Ohhh, I Love this! I'm sitting here with a silly smile on my face and memories of my dog in my heart... Wonderful work Sher, the colours have such a feeling of warmth, and their faces pressed up against the window like that with their little tongues hanging out.. awwww how could you not love them!! :o)

Dawn Bigford 15 Jan 2005

Reminds me of my dog... and I think she does really think that... very nice the dogs.

Roy Boobyer 15 Jan 2005

Yeah, I have one like these.Nicely captured.

William Kasper 15 Jan 2005

Great piece, Sher...I can tounge wash

Earl Kelley 14 Jan 2005

You nailed it.

Paul Sandilands 14 Jan 2005


Martha Yokawonis 14 Jan 2005

Not a dog person but my sister has this kind of dog. It's true they are all caught up in the "are they home yet" thing. You absolutely got the whole fixed stare waiting thing.

Thom Roslan 14 Jan 2005

Very Open & Free work the reflective values throughout the image.....Colors work too !!!!!

Ed Fairburn 14 Jan 2005

Wow, deserves nothing short of a 10... I recognize that look, my own dog shows it when I get home :D

Reba McDonald 14 Jan 2005

Aery well done.

Juan Gomez 14 Jan 2005

IT's wild I love it dogs..

Jay Amatangelo 14 Jan 2005

very cool Sher, I like this style

lori street 14 Jan 2005

great use of colour

Ruthee Easton 14 Jan 2005

I would say what you did.... yuk. I never liked dogs licking my face. Good title.

Gayle Taylor 14 Jan 2005

I love your placement of color. Well done.

Andree Lerat 14 Jan 2005

Perfect capture. This is exactly how dogs welcome their owners. They can hear your car long before you even see your home. Some experiments were done to see how the dogs knew the owners were coming back. Different timing unusual to the dogs were used and everytime they seem to know long before the person even left to go home that they were coming by behaving just like that. Looking at the window.........

Tabitha Borges 14 Jan 2005

AH!!! They remind me of all the puupies that have wait for me in my life.. Like the abstract feel...

Kelvin Mays 14 Jan 2005

this is great I like this style

Richard Murch 14 Jan 2005

Very Imaginative and creative - Excellente~!

Joke Schotting 14 Jan 2005

Great painting, Sher.

Vivian Allen 14 Jan 2005

Love the concept and their look of anticipation.

Robert Walker 14 Jan 2005

Great work Sher!!! Really like the use of color.

Katerina Koukiotis 14 Jan 2005

Unique and beautiful painting :) The doggies are so cute and think is really sweet when they greet people in a happy drooly matter :) Good job Sher :)

Pete Miller 14 Jan 2005

Love the big schloppy feel...great painting Sher..

Mister E. 14 Jan 2005

I am a fan of your work, your pencils. you are very prolific, your pencils are what makes you an artist.

Nira Dabush 14 Jan 2005

Very beautiful painting,SHER.I love your sophisticated use of color. :-)))

Mieke vd Heijkant vd Velde 14 Jan 2005

ilike the dogs, i like the paintings, like the colours...

Christine brand 14 Jan 2005

Ha! from the cunning eyes of the canine, clever conception, Sher! I have a Beagle n I can just about see him like this! Wild n crazy eyed n seering with emotion! great colors too n brush tech.

Pat Abbott 13 Jan 2005

Sher, this is so sweet. I can see the anticipation in their eyes.

joan warburton 13 Jan 2005

Great painting, Sher. They look like they're watching and waiting anxiously for her to return. Perfect capture.

eileen martin 13 Jan 2005

this is so colorful, and almost has an abstract feel, cute little doggy faces too:)

Mark Peterson 13 Jan 2005

Beautiful work Sher! Gorgeous colors perfectly blended and a truely wonderful piece for any dog lover. I love the technique in this, fantastic work!

Nancy Woolweber 13 Jan 2005

The title makes me smile. My parrots hear my key in the door and immediately begin to squeal with delight that I'm home. I can perfectly see these animals waiting there impatiently for their owner to come home!!!

Susan Epps 13 Jan 2005

Love it, Sher...would love the dogs too..well, maybe not the drooling thing! Awesome!

Elena Bogorad 13 Jan 2005

great style! one of the best actylics I saw here

Christine Calderon 13 Jan 2005

Great painting!

Andrew Kline 13 Jan 2005

Good work, I like the colors