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...is she home YET?

...my aunt had two big dogs that occupied a high step so that they could see out the side window by the front door. Upon entering and walking by they would wash your face and drool all over you... some people love that i suppose... yuk... they always had that "shes home yay" look : ) Acrylic / canvas / 2003

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Anonymous Guest

cramer 31 May 2005

i love the painterly abstract background...i can fell a passion in it...very good brush work

tim linville 30 Apr 2005

Man,I bet those two are an investment:)They look like BIG eaters!

James Taylor 26 Jan 2005

this is a fabulous piece fantastic style great colours.

Amanda Hone 21 Jan 2005

Sher this is stunning. I absolutely love this to bits.

Masrur Imani 20 Jan 2005

Very good use of colors,interesting subject,very well made.