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This piece, like 'Nesting' came about to some extent by chance. I believe chance plays a key role in pretty much everything, but that is me. I found several pieces of packing Styrofoam which I proceeded to cover with multiple layers of my compound. The large one I worked on first. I covered several smaller pieces next and then the piece that was to be crucial to 'Connection.' You should know it was several days, maybe a week plus before any of these pieces were sufficiently hardened. It is only at this stage that I begin looking for relationships that could be used in a sculpture. The notch in the upper section was there already and I just covered around it. When I began trying pieces together, I found the lower piece and the upper piece with notch fit together perfectly. Another bit of chance, if you will. I also found if I stood them up, the lower piece would not stand without the other attached. Originally, this suggested 'Balance' as a possible title. It was only after having the piece almost finished that I decided to choose 'Connection' as the better title. To my mind, neither piece was much of anything without the connection made one to the other. I started thinking of relationships in general and how many times the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It stands 30 inches tall with a base 6 inches wide. As this is undoubtedly Original Jones Art, which by the purest of chance was made by me in the city of Austin, Texas, we shall say no more about it.;

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John D Marano 25 May 2019

I like the direction you're taking your art!