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Watercolours. 70CM X 50CM. Inspired by a series of photographs.
With Life, come the UNDERSTANDING.. of who's really important.. REAL.. Who's really going to be there at any time needed, at your side ( or not )... or wished to be part of your doings, your life & Creations.,...
I can think this way.. while my partner would think differently and would run away forgetting so many good parts of life together, with any difficulty on the way, which detected as obstacle ..
So I guess.. I reach comp[letely DIFFERENT kind of understanding than my partner.
For the appreciation of what life has to offer. With real LOVE, This painting was done with.. Remembering the area, where the inspiration was received and the companion.
Thanks for visiting.
HERE'S...For Life's REAL offers ..
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 10 Mar 2019

Lovely work dear Nira !

Vernonette Gaddy 10 Mar 2019

My Oh My! Supreme artistic beauty Nira. :)

Al Budarin 09 Mar 2019

wonderful Artistry,yes,with a lot of Memories,,,We sometimes forget the good times we shared,because sometimes we can overcome the bad times by REMEMBERING THE GOOD TIMES.

Marie josé LAURIER 09 Mar 2019