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I noticed the frame I had this piece in needed a bit of maintenance so removed it for some renovation. I began painting in January of 1980. I can tell you this because it came as a response to the emotional turmoil brought about by the end of a four-year relationship. I guess you could say I came to painting as a means of therapy, something to keep my mind occupied. This painting was completed in October of 1982 so I had been painting less than two years. This is an 18 by 24 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas and an early example of the painting side of Original Jones Art in that ever stimulating city, Austin, Texas.


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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 02 Mar 2019

Wow Charles! I really think you answered my question regarding why everyone's heads are bowed down! This one is obviously special due to your breakup. Your figures are crowded and geometrically inspired by your pain. I enjoyed seeing one of your early works, my friend.

Artist Reply: It's interesting, Mark, that my sense of composition and color seems more mature than you would think given my being a relative novice with the brush. But that's just an older me looking back at what a younger me did. It's not perfect, of course. You ever do a 'perfect' piece of art, Mark? Hope you are doing great. :)

Barry Huyett 02 Mar 2019

YOO big guy, like UR style, all UR art work is G 00 D!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Barry! Yeah, I've been at this for awhile and am still motivated to continue. Hope you are doing great, BTW. :)