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Corvette C7 UBet Gotta Angel as Me Co-Pilot

So I was talking with the owner of this Corvette and I noticed a little chrome angel on the back of his C7. Well that's cute I said. Gotta Angel on the back of your vette. Is there a story to that, I sez. That's when he told me the tale that led to my painting this watercolor of his ride. I titled it, Corvette C7 UBet Gotta Angel as Me Co-Pilot. He went on to tell me his SuperCar story. He's always enjoyed owning and driving a sports car. And after all, the vette is America's Sports Car. I think his ride looks great in Yellow on the Purple and Blue background. It will look great on all the products! You should go shop now b/4 you forget!! Oh! And the story about the angel I'll share in an upcoming post over at just as soon as I get time!! - Haa! ~;0) VivaChas!

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