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Bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod

This oh so bad 55 chevy rat rod was spotted ’round midnight prowling through the waterworks up to no good. Its five occupants – were suspected to be members of the Rockabilly crowd. There was the distinct smell of Four Roses in the air as the rod passed by. We at VivaChas were lucky to be there, cameras at the ready when the incident went down ~:0) What’s a Rat Rod U ask? If U have to ask that maybe U wouldn’t understand the answer. What’s Rockabilly? Maybe U should just Google – - – Ha! Love that noir drama shtick – so gritty and of the streets. Yeh we reinacted a scenario U might see in some old Film Noir movie or one of the new and improved noirs. U know get out at night – use some low light – give us a fright – Burma Shave – - – what? Listen if U have to ask about Burma Shave or what is a bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod, U definitely gotta Google! What’s that U say? What’s Google!?! Who are U and how did U get online!!! – Ha! Love that film noir look and love to get out in the cool of the evening and really gotta make photos – maybe U should try that as well – unwind – have fun – no need to thank me though U definitely need to own a print of this ride ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 21 Aug 2012

Chas, You have excelled on this one,Very nice work,Gracefully Done

Karen Helsing 05 May 2012

Nice image, Chas.

Artist Reply: Yeh ’round midnight prowling through the waterworks - puts me in mind of those old movies ~;0) VivaChas!