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This was a fun project that I thought Terra Toys would be interested in as Halloween is fast approaching. I don't know where the plastic antennae came from that I filled with red sparkle glue but they worked well, i thought. I found some faux gems at a dollar store which I attached. They also glow in the dark. My kind of stuff. I'm assuming, as I usually do, that this is another example of Original Jones Art. Yes, it too is coming from Austin, Texas. Where else?


Anonymous Guest

Stanley Layman 08 Oct 2018

I forgot to log in so, I became an anonymous guest. Sorry about that!

Artist Reply: No problem, Stan. My browser usually keeps me logged in but sometimes it happens to all of us, I'm sure. :)

Anonymous Guest 08 Oct 2018

I like the bloodshot eyeball. It reminds me of some old Ratfink Cartoons. There was a magazine back then that featured a series of these. During the 60's I did a number of similar cartoons for various clients.

Artist Reply: Ha, I'd forgotten about that Rat Fink character! I'm pretty sure his eyes bulged a lot more than this one though, Stan. :)