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There is flat affect the brain guys define as having a lack of expression and those having same may appear unresponsive to the world. They then go on to cite several conditions this may be found in. I think there is also 'flattened affect' where an individual finds it preferable to drop to a certain level of emotional numbness as a defense mechanism, a silent wall of defense, if you will, against what the world is doing to him/her and to itself in general. It's something to think about. This is a 12 by 16 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas and a numbed down example of Original Jones Art from Austin, Texas. Addendum: This was chosen to hang in the For The Love Of Art show at Art Space Gallery, February 2019.

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Nikolay Semyonov 12 Jun 2018

Looks kind of having a gloomy clockwork to me. Your cool style, Charles!

Artist Reply: Which is why I think it suits the title, Nikolay. Using 'flattened' instead of 'flat' suggests some external source is the cause. Maybe we are all slowly becoming zombies due to our so-called lifestyle? ;)

Stanley Layman 03 Jun 2018

I have never been able to simplify my designs as you have.

wayne niemi 03 Jun 2018

Very unique Charles. Thanks for sharing. I like this work very much.