Free range

organic abstract...I must have been hungry


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Cassandra-lyn Palmer 27 Mar 2006

very humerous. The background is similar to what I would see if I shook my head from side to side really fast, then there is this great juxtapositioning of a chook. Just goes to show art doest necisarily have to mean anything in particular, as long as it is enjoyable.

Vivian Gutierrez 13 Mar 2006

I love the idea....

Elton Houck 13 Dec 2005

Great fun! lol...but also some wonderous images

Carl Huffman 20 Oct 2005

This could be improved if you first contract the outline of the rooster by one or two pixels and then hit delete so that the white outline will disappear. Additionally, a one pixel feather afterwards will blend the rooster better.

thea walstra 01 Apr 2005

Creative and wonderful work