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Let It Be

Mixed Media:Papier - Mache'+Copper,Oil & Acrylic.50 cm x 70 cm =20"x28".Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush.B,2002.***************** 2005 is at the entrance...... In August...several days after my 40's birthday,I join AW.I feel it was one of the best gifts,I could get.I thank you all, for giving me the joy of viewing your artworks,which is definitely enrich experience.Some of you thrilled me,made me smile/laugh,or even tear my eYes,or even more...manage to touch my soul,by your artworks or e.mails.I thank you all for viewing my artworks and I hope ,U anjoy the same as I do.A happy New Year ,everyone. Let it be PEACE on earth & between all people around this planet.

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 04 Jun 2012

That's amazing work! Great job Nira.

John Graham Inkson 17 Feb 2006

Interesting and unusual piece Nira. Regards John

Barbara Beck-Azar 26 Jun 2005

dove of peace... love the textures and movement. it's a wonderful gift art of peace

Maggi Carstairs 04 Jan 2005

Your work is as beautiful as your mind. Wonderful and inspiring and so dramatic

Jenny Iospa 31 Dec 2004

Bravo Nira. Happy and Health New Year to you, and your family. And peace to your homeland