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This began life as a small sketch that I rather liked. As I was working on it, my son walked by and said it looked like he hated the world. I thought about that a bit and decided his outlook had just soured over time and thus the title was born. This is a 12 by 16 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas and another piece of, hopefully, Original Jones Art originating in Austin, Texas. IN the project pic I've uploaded, you see that I've drawn on the back of a Subway sack. I draw on anything near at hand though I liked the Subway sacks as they had good tooth similar to butcher's paper. They've since changed them to a slicker type, now white, but I still draw on them. :)

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Vincent von Frese 15 Jul 2017

Sad that there is such sourness but then the sadness which caused it is felt by those who cannot move forward out of their own state of mind and experience the wonder and amazement available to all in life.

Sharon De Vore 15 Jul 2017