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IS that a grin or a grimace on Bird Clown's face? ;) I find that a quick drawing done with great speed has a greater chance of bringing out the emotionally raw than something done with slow deliberation. This is from a quick drawing that I felt tapped that inner rawness. A 12 by 12 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas and possibly Original Jones Art from the heart of Texas, Austin.

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Vincent von Frese 10 Jul 2017

Your expression adds to the notion that birds do have a sense of humor. Whenever I try the fast working mode I also feel more freedom in non-calculated work.

John D Marano 01 Apr 2017

I like how the birds are slightly different sizes it makes it even funnier. Very Nice!

Artist Reply: Thank you, John! Like most of my pieces, the viewer only gets what the viewer brings to the table. Funny to one might be tragic or psychotic to another. It explains, I think, why we view each other differently as well. It's what makes life and art interesting and probably unfathomable. Great comment, BTW. :)

charles fraser 01 Apr 2017

Very vibrant clever piece

Artist Reply: Thanks, Charles. When I was working on it, i thought it was a little 'out there' even for me. But I was happy with the finished product. You can never accuse me of 'perfection' but I've always had trouble defining that particular word when it comes to art in general and mine specifically. I appreciate your comment. :)