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I've worked on this for awhile, starting while I was going through a drug-treatment program--hence the misery, I think. ;) This is an 24 by 18 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas and another Austin, TX example of Original Jones Art.


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Barry Huyett 29 Aug 2016

liKe thiS.......makes me HAPPY!

Artist Reply: I had a lady look at some of my Artwanted portfolio last Friday and she thought much of my work had funny elements. Like I've always maintained, you can paint it but that doesn't mean they will get it in the way it was intended---so I just 'do my thing' and let the artistic chips fall where they may, Barry. If it makes you happy, I'm overjoyed. :)

Stanley Layman 28 Aug 2016

I was once on pain management and I eventually got away from everything with the exception of Tylenol. I dove off the cliffs at what is now France Park splitting my skull open. Then a year and a half later I a dragster I was driving flipped sideways three times and then end for end three times. All of this happened while I was still a teenager. So, yes I had some pain issues. I have since had multiple surgeries on my neck and spine.

Artist Reply: I had an endoscopy and they found a bacterial infection in the lining of my stomach so I underwent a rather long anti-bacterial bombardment that knocked me pretty low, Stan. I survived but the cure almost killed the patient. :) Hope you are feeling ok; I have a friend who had a serious motorcycle accident that messed up his spine and he is in constant pain because of it.