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Rubbing Noses

Who says dogs and cats don't get along? Luciano and Snickers, best friends!


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Jean M. Laffitau 13 Oct 2006

Cute capture Teresa!

Loredana 03 Feb 2005

awwwwww How beatiful teresa what a wonderful Image 10 +

Adam Hughes 19 Dec 2004

Nice captuer and texture i like this picture

kristie taylor 15 Dec 2004

awh this is so darned cute!!!my dog (toy poodle) hates cats and most dogs too LOL

jim h 13 Dec 2004

wow what a rare must be either really quick on yer feet or super lucky :)..

Jessica Evans 02 Dec 2004

awww, how sweet! I have a dog and cat that love eachother so I can totally relate to this :) nice shot

Dawn Landrum 01 Dec 2004

This is precious and almost looks like a paintingThank you for commenting and rating my work too! You are welcome to visit my portfolio any time!.

Katerina Koukiotis 30 Nov 2004

Aww this is very cute and sweet , love your photos you are a very good photographer , thank you Teresa for your comments in my art gallery.

Mary Hanson-Roberts 29 Nov 2004

Touching indeed. What dear furbabies!

Alicja Kocaj 28 Nov 2004

They are so cute,they must be a friends!:)

Clare Rowley-Greene 27 Nov 2004

Your kitty looks just like mine:o) Gret shot... My dog and cat are best budddies too :o)

Les Jobes 25 Nov 2004

Awww this is adorable! I love how they are looking in eachothers eyes as they rub noses! Perfect capture! ~ and thank you very much for your kind comments also :o)

Karen Corcoran 23 Nov 2004

Oh how dear!

marieanna missen 23 Nov 2004

Lovely image so cute!

Anne Kelty 22 Nov 2004

Marvelous mood. Lovely composition.

stan jones 22 Nov 2004

beautiful image Teresa seams animals can do it but we as humans cant

Dyer 21 Nov 2004

Nicely done

Helen Alforque Alfeche aka alfechelena 21 Nov 2004

I agree with you Teresa. I have my miko (dog) and trickzie (cat) they sleep like sisters & brothers. they eat the same food in one bowl. Great shot and love the effect on this one

tim linville 21 Nov 2004

Great wuv theme!

Peter Rivron 21 Nov 2004

Brilliant Photo, and brilliant effect, nice work.

Mareez Farag 21 Nov 2004

awww..very passionate image :)

Denny"Gourdhead" Gholson 21 Nov 2004

Very good shot

Joke Schotting 21 Nov 2004

brilliant teresa

thea walstra 21 Nov 2004

Very sweet Teresa

Pat Abbott 21 Nov 2004

What a great catch!

sher richardson 21 Nov 2004

awww...awwww.... so glad they werent nosing each others taila... my animals do that and drive me nuts... : ) wonderful dark emotional image of natures warmth ....

eileen martin 21 Nov 2004

you can't fool me, Snickers is just smelling his breath to see if he got extra treats!.... Teresa, great shot, seems you are always ready with your camera when those special moments happen.(sign of a good photographer)

T.D. Ruley 21 Nov 2004

very rare photo and the texture just adds to it's artistic quality

Greg Summers 21 Nov 2004

too cute - love the texture

Andree Lerat 21 Nov 2004

That is so precious. I am always surpised by people who do not know that cats and dogs can be really good pals. In fact, if a kitten is raised with mouse or a bird, they will also bound. There is so much to learn from animals.