Button Pusher , prepare for war!

Abstract, Impression of mankind's instability


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steve kearney 07 Sep 2015

Fascinating piece, thought-provoking--what happens when a computer decides, and the bulk of humanity is considered "expendable'"...


Brilliant and powerful sobering artwork... very creative art,my Friend !!!Hugs...Dee&David

Françoise Dénéréaz 15 Apr 2015

Fantastic and very creative work, Beth !!!

yves colas 15 Apr 2015

expressive work,i hope that never a person will push the button,it is so good to live in peace.great idea and realisation.well done!

Stefani Wehner 15 Apr 2015

Fascinating beautiful, Beth!

Brenda Loveless 14 Apr 2015

Expressive artwork, Beth!

John Cappello 14 Apr 2015

Stunning, magical and thoroughly Admirable Button Pusher piece,blue and red are so vibrant and mystical.

LAURIER Marie josé 14 Apr 2015

beautiful artwork and colors, well done Elizabeth !!

Maria Anna Machado 14 Apr 2015

very beautiful work...

Angel Estevez 14 Apr 2015

Very beautiful and expressive artork! Lovely design and colors! Congratulations Beth. Hugs my friend!

jaya chala 14 Apr 2015

Just beautiful!!!!

marie-claire gallet 14 Apr 2015

EXCELLENT, Beth, my POD in the days to come!!! Fantastic colors, composition and what a subject!!!