H & H 11


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Anon ymous 12 Mar 2015

I love it. Its true. we have a choice of which path/door to go.

Tim Linville 13 Feb 2014

I Could Contemplate for So Long of Your Duality Theme...The Perspective is an Excellent Challenge of Yourself.And Your Words Below Show Just How Much Thought You Invested.A Great Work,Anne!

ruth sears 31 Jan 2014


Artist Reply: Thanks so much for your comment on my painting. It came to me while I was painting it that's it's really all about the choices you make in life. The hell side, if you look at the entrance is so much wider, smoother, more even and much more attractive, while the heaven side requires you to walk a small path up and down hills and mountains with no definite place to head to. It's just by faith that we actually reach our goal. No one ever thinks ahead far enough ahead to realize that the path they're on is taking them to hell. Most of us get pretty far down that path before we realize it and turn around.

Alyn Federico 15 Sep 2013

so..I see you're getting into color...this is really good