I did this sketch for a posible shirt design...


Anonymous Guest

Brent Morrison 22 Jan 2007

great fun cartoon. i love how the tail comes to the center in circle like that!

jason case 15 Aug 2006

that looks like it came from myrtle beach, sc

John Enright 24 Apr 2006

now I know why they didnt call me back! You got there first, dangit. YOU da mon.

Anonymous Guest 31 Aug 2005

Wow this is great, Can we use this stuff on msn groups for signature tags? Plz lol Thanks For your time Austin

Lacey Brown 06 Oct 2004

I love it just you have a tangent right where the lemon/orange slice meets the life saver

Ekua Kukua Akumanyi 06 Oct 2004

fantastic pencil work , love the theme

sher richardson 05 Oct 2004

ohhh this would make a great shirt... love your pencil and smile...

Bruce Black 05 Oct 2004

Francisco, I love your pencil treatment. I can't wait to see the results in color.

eileen martin 05 Oct 2004

makes me think of warm weather and fun..cute iguana,,,

Daniel klinke 05 Oct 2004

I love it

Denny"Gourdhead" Gholson 05 Oct 2004

Funny and great work

Tina Day 05 Oct 2004

Great illustration work.Great pencil work too!

charlotte bowker 05 Oct 2004

i wish my iguana was as happy as this!!!!!!

tim linville 05 Oct 2004

That's cool!