Foundation Of  America

Medium : Pen and Ink on Bristol Broad Size : 11 ' x 15 ' Date of illustration : 1989 This Pen and ink illustration was done for the cover of a church statement of faith. I named this illustration, Foundation of America because I believe this country was founded by christian who had strong faith in the God of the Bible, and through faith , prayer, and sacrifice, the patriots over came The mighty British military . By the hand of God, A new nation was born, The United States Of America. When the united states was filled with God fearing people, God raised The country to be a supper power, and the world envied the united states and flock to her shores the land of freedom and opportunity. Now this country has forgotten the God who Has given birth to her, Now is setting up new idols to worship, idols of wood , stone, metals, that do not hear or see, or care. Because the united states has forgotten God, It has been plagued with storms, tornadoes, flood, drought, and her enemies are raging war with her, waiting to celebrate her full. It is my hope and prayer that people who love this country would return to honoring God, and return to giving Him thank for all the great works He has done for this nation, and turn from our sins and follow after God by obeying His Word, the Holy Bible. That God would remove His hand of judgment , and His blessing may return to our country. This church was fist built in 1890 and still is being used as a church. it is located in Norristown Pennsylvania This was the first Bible believing church I attended, when I became a christian. Written by Stephen J. Vattimo


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ANN W. COOPER 09 Jan 2014

I am enjoy in this late midnite time, seeing and hearing u' SPEAK THE WORD, are historical Correct in what u are sayin'... I put you in my favorites... Its pass the time for my Ritual Prayer hour, but I think I was suppose to be right here tonite, seeing hearing and reponse to you and another sis' tha ... My soul is @ awe,- @ Peace, good nite/ be blessed-

Karen Helsing 21 Aug 2012

This nation has indeed turned away from God! Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any peoples.

Artist Reply: Sadly, but nothing but the true! Preach it sister.
Artist Reply: Karen, The public school system in The United States has become a atheist mine programing factory. Mentally and Legally Children in the United States have become wards of the State. Parents have had their authority to teach morals and ethics to their child,ripped away from them. The only job the state leaves parent to do,is feed,cloth,house these ward of the state. These tactics should sound formiluar , they were used by the Nazis and the Communists. To build their Godless police state societies,to conquer the world. If anyone is bold enough to look be hind the curtain to this play, they will realize the Devil and his fallen angle are directing it. Stephen J. vattimo